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[Last Updated February 15th]

Ride Schedule:

For our Third Saturday VCRR Group Ride this month (2/16) we polled the populace and the choice to ride in the Ventura area was a clear preference. The group will meet at 9 AM at Vineyard Park, located in the RiverPark development near The Collection in northeast Oxnard, on Detroit Drive at Stroube Street. It works best to get to the park from Vineyard Avenue, just northeast of Exit 62 from US-101, turning left on Stroube. Kay and I expect to be there with coffee and morning munchies. The suggested route will be around RiverPark, then across the Santa Clara River and up the Johnson Barranca bikepath to ride the trail beside the Santa Paula Freeway (CA-126). We will probably have lunch at Gateway Plaza (StoneFire Grill, Baja Fresh or Panera) or Main Street Restaurant and return via Ralston Street and Johnson Drive. Anyone who intends to meet us for lunch without riding can phone me or another rider for the exact place and time. IMPORTANT NOTE: Although this ride is a fairly flat 25 miles (which can be abbreviated with a few shortcuts) we are expecting temps to stay below 60 degrees with onshore winds of 20 to 25 MPH by midafternoon. DRESS WARM!

This is a brief listing of preliminary plans for upcoming rides:

  • Saturday, February 16th: Third Saturday VCRR Group Ride – Vineyard Park to East Ventura
  • Saturday, March 2nd: First Saturday VCRR Group Ride – San Fernando Valley? SUGGESTIONS?

PLEASE[!]: If you have any suggestions for group rides for first few months of 2019, please share. We're always especially eager to hear from anyone who's been aching to plan, execute and lead the gang on his, her or their favorite venue.

Recent History:

Calleguas Creek MUPClick for More Pix 1/19/2019: About 16 of us met at Pitts Ranch Park to ride a slightly different route this weekend. We started up the Calleguas Creek MUP to Upland Road, where the group made its first split. The Faster Folks continued up the climb, while the Pokey Patrol rode back down the creek, with a couple of extra loops to sync up for a pit stop at the Village Commons Sports Park. After a short ride together we split again with the serious cyclists riding a longer loop down into the farmlands, while the rest of us rode Lewis Road and Daily Drive to meet up again for lunch at Presto Pasta. After a very nice and surprisingly low cost meal, we cruised back to the park. Temps were very pleasant with enough sunshine to create serious envy from our counterparts in the northeastern USA. We may get more videos and/or some videos posted by Rolly.

SURPRISE!Click for More Pix 12/15/2018: Instead of a typical Third Saturday VCRR Group Ride, Deena (aka Dr. Devious) opted to commemorate a milestone moment for her husband. She successfully, surreptitiously engineered a SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY, with about 40 of his friends at Marie Callender's in Camarillo, even though most cardiologists do not recommend staging shocks for persons of his age. It was a great party, a very nice brunch as always, and a good visit with VCRR friends and more rarely seen folks. It was really fun to see Stephen caught so completely by surprise.

Cruising on GonzalesClick for More Pix 12/1/2018: About a dozen of us met at Marina Park in Ventura, to ride down the coast to Oxnard. The group split in two, with four of our Fast Folks zooming down to Oxnard State Beach before returning to Ventura. The Pokey Patrol, which oddly included five motorized trikes to put a little pressure on Deena, Kay and me, turned onto Gonzales and rode up the Johnson Barranca to a pit stop at Barranca Vista Park. The two groups met for our lunch stop at Main Street Restaurant, where we also encountered Dawn and Stephen. We were expecting slightly chilly temps, but once we were out on the road, it seemed a bit warmer than predicted. This ride venue is about 20 to 30 fairly flat miles, with the fast downhill swoosh on Seaward as a very FUN finale.

11/3/2018: For our First Saturday VCRR Group Ride in November, we met at Marina Park in Ventura, said 'Hi' and indulged in coffee and morning munchies. Ann's Scorpion electrics weren't playing nice, but the rest of the group rode an up-the-coast-and-back cruise past the pier, with a quick pit stop at Surfer's Point, where we met Dawn and even our long-time MIA Dan Cowell. From there we continued, with the group stringing out, on up the Class I Omer Rains bikepath and the old beachfront highway. Turnaround points varied from the fire station near Seacliff or Viola Field in Carpinteria. On the way back most of this 20-member group hooked up for lunch at Faria Beach. This ride ranges from about 25 to 40 miles, with semi-serious climbs limited to the longer distance. This was yet another nearly ideal Autumn day, with temps maxing out in the high 70s, and the unusual bonus of a light tailwind, pretty much in both directions. No pix this weekend. Our Third Saturday Group Ride for November was cancelled.

Wayne & KayClick for More Pix Sunday, 10/21/2018: Only nine cyclists of our group met at Vineyard Park in the RiverPark development near The Collection in northeast Oxnard. After a bit of prep, some low-cal munchies and coffee, we pedaled away, riding around the RiverPark housing complex. We were hoping the new bike paths beside the river would have been opened by now, but the gates were still locked. We rode across the Santa Clara River and up the Johnson Barranca bikepath to our first pit stop at Barranca Vista Park. From there we cruised through the Ventura Community Park and then zoomed down Montgomery Street. Some less than gracious members in our group failed miserably to hide their smirks as we easily outpaced a couple of roadies on that long downhill. After a fun slalom along the Riverview Linear Park we grunted back uphill to another short pitstop at Chumash Park, and then rode the trail beside the Santa Paula Freeway (CA-126) to our lunch stop at Sharkey's in Gateway Plaza. After lunch a short jaunt via Ralston Street rewarded the group with another long fast downhill on Johnson Drive. The almost perfect weather conditions for this easy 25-mile ride definitely justified its postponement from Saturday's hot winds. It ended with us window shopping through The Collection on our way back to Vineyard Park. Pix are from Vince, but Rolly has posted a really nice video for the ride at the link below.

Other News:

SPECIAL NOTICE: Folks who know Lynne will be saddened to learn that her trike (yellow Catrike Road or Trail) was stolen from her garage this month. She bought a TerraTrike Cruiser as a potential replacement, but found that it's a bit large for her. She has listed the TT for a bargain price on CraigsList, and is trying hard to find a used trike more suitable for her X-seam. Please let Lynne or me know if you might be able to help.

RIDE VIDEOS AND OTHER PIX: Rolly has posted videos from several recent VCRR Group Rides for public viewing on YouTube at this link. We are expecting to post more videos over the next few months, and, of course, your feedback is eagerly solicited. There is also a series of older video clips posted on YouTube, on 'TheVCRR' channel, at this URL. There is a VCRR photo archive on Flickr; to view it, start at this URL. Vincent has posted some of our ride pix to the Recumbent Trikes Group on Facebook (one of several).

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DON'T FORGET!: COMMENTS AND SUGGESTIONS ARE EAGERLY[!] SOLICITED FOR OUR REGULAR GROUP RIDES IN 2019, AS WELL AS FEEDBACK FOR THIS WEBSITE, RIDE NOTICES, PHOTOS, RIDE VIDEOS, ROUTE SHEETS, MAPS, CUSTOM VCRR SAFETY FLAGS AND/OR VIDEO FLYOVERS. We are seriously looking for suggestions for VCRR Group Rides for the Summer, either in person, by phone or email. We will continue sending email notices a few days before each upcoming ride, at least for the next couple of months. Please let me know if you want to make any changes to our email list.

If you newbies or folks who haven't ridden with the group for a while need help or more information for getting to any of our rides, please email or phone me. Our home phone number – usually the best way to talk to us – is 805-981-0339. If we're not home you can also try my cell phone: 805-201-5107. Text messages will not work on our home phone, and are seriously discouraged for the cell phone. Don't even think about Facebook or Twitter! For convenience my email link is: