Ventura County
Recumbent Riders Ads:


Carbent Carbent Recumbent Bicycle: Premium carbon fiber road bike. Built about 2009, sized for 5'10" rider. Includes headrest and RD Design seatbag. 2X10-speed drive train with Q-Rings and Ultegra derailleurs, bar-end shifters. Bacchetta front brake; Mavic Aksium rims and tires. Prefer local sale, otherwise an irrevocable form of pre-payment is required, with packaging and shipping solely the buyer's responsibility. Available for immediate sale; price reduced to only $2200. Contact: Pete; Email:; Phone: 818-347-1325

Lightning Phantom Lightning Phantom: Sized for medium-tall rider. Gold frame, in very good condition. The Phantom is Lightning's best-selling model, a monotube version with geometry very similar to their premiere P38 model. The Phantom's front fork, however, allows for a much wider tire than the P-38 can mount. New Phantoms list for around $2000, but this one's price is now reduced to only $500. Speedplay pedals available for $35 extra. More info available on request. Prefer local sale, otherwise packaging and shipping will be buyer's responsibility. UPDATE: FWIW, we are open to a trade, either an outright swap or partial up/down, value for value, for anyone who's local enough to avoid shipping costs and complexities. We'd consider a large alloy-framed Santana or Cannondale tandem, or a low-priced mid-range tadpole trike (e.g., ICE, Greenspeed, Catrike, Gekko). Contact: Wayne; Email:; Phone: 805-981-0339

Trets Hase Trets: This very-much-enjoyed remnant from our granddaughter's childhood years is (somewhat belatedly) up for sale. The Trets is a high quality two-wheeled tagalong trailer for a child or small adult that very neatly converts almost any adult tadpole into a five-wheeled, jointed family tandem. It allows the rider to pedal – optionally and independently – along with the towing trike or bike. It can be used with a conventional or recumbent bicycle, but it's an especially ideal design for use with a tadpole trike, providing all the advantages of a tandem cycle along with excellent stability and safety, while its articulated coupling provides virtually all the mobility, maneuverability and trail access of a single rider tadpole. This one has very low mileage, and is in good condition, with no serious problems or issues. The outer spoke covers are not included, but it is otherwise complete and ready to ride. The axle adapter and quick-connect coupler are included. Please note that it is my no means mandatory – or necessarily even recommended – to zoom downhill as shown, using lots of open rural road, into a left hand turn at 35 MPH for a Trets rider to get that kind of grin, but it is definitely an option! UPDATE:Our price for the Trets has been reduced to only $500. It is available for viewing or road tests at my home in Oxnard (Ventura County, about 50 miles up the coast from LA), and we would very much prefer a local sale. It is available to trikers and recumbikers in other parts of the USA, but packing and shipping will be the buyer's responsibility. Please ping me by email ( ) or by phone (805-981-0339: NO TEXTS!) if you want this SUPER-FUN cycle to include your preteen in your triking experiences, or if you need more info.